redbroilerGray and Red broilers – Are a cross between Cornish Hens and Plymouth Rock Chicken. Red and Gray Broilers are organic, most of these birds are also free range. Their meat is medium/hard, Red and Gray broilers are best for roasting/baking and stewing.

graybabyGray and Red baby – These birds are baby broilers, they are organic. They can be used for frying, roasting/baking and stewing.

whitebroilerWhite broilers – These birds are not organic or free range, they are farm bred and grown. Since they are not free range, their meat is softer. They are Ideal for roasting, stewing, and frying.

whitebabyWhite Baby- Baby white broilers have the softest meat. They are ideal for any type of cooking, but are best for frying and barbequing. 

roosterRoosters- All of our roosters are organic and free range, they have very tough meat, which makes them ideal for stewing.

FowlFowl – Fowl are hens that have stopped laying eggs. Fowl are known for their tough meat, which makes them ideal for stewing.






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