About Us

Al-Baraka is the first and best family owned Livestock and poultry store in Philadelphia. We are committed to providing a fresh and healthy alternative to supermarket meat and poultry.

Our livestock comes from local Pennsylvania small farms in New Holland, which are known for producing higher quality Beef, Lamb, and Goat. This is because the livestock is left to graze on grass, rather than grown in large feedlots. This makes the meat organic, as there are no hormones used increase the rate of growth of the animals, which means a meat that doesn’t just taste better, but is also healthier.

Our poultry comes from local and regional suppliers, which means that most of our birds are grown locally in Pennsylvania. We offer a large selection of both inorganic and free range birds.

Our Meat Market is resupplied daily with fresh meat ready to be cut for any type of preparation, whether it is for stew or barbeque. We have a selection of fresh eggs and milk, so all your dairy needs are met.

So come on down and give us a try and get hooked on a fresh and healthy alternative.